Saturday, May 22, 2010

This spring has been so busy, I've only managed to get up to the shrines and the temple a handful of times. The Agrotereion is doing well, although we had some minor damage during the horrid wind storms in February. I had a generous donation to the temple, and so I will be using that to purchase the white paint to paint the walls of the temple proper. I also need to get a new door for the building, because the one that is currently there swells so much in damp weather that it's impossible to open and close in a dignified manner. I hope to have the girls over sometime soon to do some spring cleaning!

My shrine to Dionysos is coming along quite nicely. The grapes have come back with a vengence this year, and have leaves almost the size of dinner plates. I still have to train them over the latticework, but it's feeling very good there. The marble altarstone weathered the winter beautifully, and really looks great. It's the perfect size. I'll try and get some pictures soon.

The natural shrine for the Nymphae and land spirits is starting to green up, now. The tree stump we use as an altar (pictured above, by the stream) actually has sprouts at the side, with green leaves coming up! Nature is such a wonderful thing. This spot is still the favorite of the children, who like to bring offerings and picnic with the Nymphae. It's so wonderful to see them thinking about the land they live on, and how to give back to it.

My seminary journey is approaching its end for the year. June 4th through 13th I will be in NYC, first attending class, then going on retreat for four days, and then staying around to help with and attend the Class of 2010 ordination ritual. Not only is this going to be exciting, challenging, and fun, it's the first time in 9 years (as of the 5th, in fact!) that I will have been away from everyone in my chosen family for more than two days. Wow.

I have a tiny bit of homework left to do, and a bit of reading, but the bulk of the year's work is complete and in my binder. It's so nice to see it, sitting on the bookshelf by my school altar, neat and complete. It's been a long, arduous year, and I'll admit I'm glad it's almost over. I'm ready for summer in a way that I haven't been for a very long time. Yet, this year has been a time of great satisfaction, emotional and spiritual growth, and maturation. I have a much clearer image of the things I need to do, both mundanely and spiritually.

Life is good. The farm is full of green things, and my heart is full of growth, too.
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