Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Return to Home

I am home again, after being gone for 10 days from my beautiful farm in New England. Coming home was both joyous and stressful. There was a certain magical quality to being in New York City. There, I was responsible only for myself, for my own needs and wants. I didn't have to clean a house or cook for others; I had only to provide my own meals in one way or another, and make my bed each day. Coming home, I returned to laundry, children, meals, making coffee, cleaning house, weeding, mowing the lawn... Lots and lots of work. I don't resent that work, though. I knew that it would be waiting for me (and it was, in spades), and that I would have to step up to the plate again. At the same time, there's a sense of being completely overwhelmed by the work, because it is never-ending.

Above, I have posted an image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It is a lar, a Roman household god or spirit. When I walked up to this, it just seemed to vibrate. What a lovely piece, and my grainy photo doesn't do justice to its beauty and grace. It looks for all the world like a tiny little person dancing wildly, holding up a horn of wine and an offering plate. I took many photos at the Met, and many touched me deeply. This one seemed appropriate today, though, as I return home after being away for so long.

So much is going on, and I have so much to tell about my time at retreat and in NYC in general. I will try and add a little bit at a time over the next few weeks.
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