Friday, July 23, 2010


Inspired by The Night Wanderer's Path and FlyLady, I decided to clean up my room finally. In the process, I re-thought my altars (yes, yet again). I love using this vanity as my main altar space, because of the tiered levels and because it is a very warm piece of furniture with a rich history.

The center altar area is the "all purpose" altar where I say my prayers (which I've been sadly lacking in lately, formally speaking), make general offerings, and recite litanies and such. It has a single candle (the same as before) and some more generic spiritual items on it. Back left there is a picture of my grandmother, my only living grandparent and whom I am very close to. In front of her picture is a small crystal dish of stone eggs, one of which belongs to the girltwin. In front of that is my bell, which I use for setting sacred space when it's just me worshipping, and also $10, a donation for the Agrotereion which I will be using for paint. To the right by the candle is a bowl of various semi-precious stones and polished glass in which a candle sits. The candle is ostensibly for Persephone, although when I burn it I put it down on the ground (more on that later). In front of the bowl is a small glass pitcher of water which I use for offerings.

On the left side of the vanity is my small altar to Dionysos. You can see my new cock in the background, a gift from the men in my life for Mother's Day. I love it... so ostentatious! There's a small cement pillar with a fake ivy on it (I've killed too many ivy plants now to even bother trying to keep a live one in there). The altar also sports a pewter cup, a pewter offering bowl, and a small green votive candle in a holder.

Hecate graces the right side of the altar. I have a small owl cup with two horned owl feathers in it and some other sacred items. In front of that is a wooden owl whistle that Farnham gave me, sitting on top of a Grecian style pillar. The three skull votive holder is a special thing that I got just for Hecate a couple of years ago. It represents her darker side, and also her crossroads.

On the back wall of my room is my Nyx altar. It hasn't changed much over the years, mostly because I'm still trying to figure out just what it is she wants me to figure out about it. It's completely based on UPG, so don't anyone claim it's ancient or based on an old text or anything. It's a mirror that looks somewhat like a window, with a shelf at the bottom. On the shelf is a small candle in a brown holder, a breast cancer ribbon bracelet, a pewter offering cup, and some stones draped with a very old silver chain of mine. Near as I can understand, at the dark of the moon or thereabouts, she wants me to light the candle and look into the mirror. I have missed the past couple of months because of the general mess of my room, but will be starting it up again this dark moon. I've been doing this on and off again for about 2 years and so far... nothing but "keep doing it" as the message I get. Ah well.

My only Olympian altar is for Zeus and Hera together. It's two half circle shelves, very tightly together, with the statuette bridging both shelves. Above them, a copper image of the Parthenon hangs. Below them is where I store all my scarves, which I use for both religious and mundane things. They are coverings for my hair and head for certain ceremonies. They're scarves for when I'm chilly, or when it's too warm for a sweater but too cool for no sleeves. They're coverings for the altars when grief or other miasmic things come to our home. They're just multipurpose. Most of them are hanging there, neatly folded on a hangar, but my dark blue/black one and my dark green one are both missing right now. Not sure where they are.

Anyhow, that's my current altar-cleaning. Maybe my own little dusting project will inspire someone else. Blessings!
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