Monday, July 12, 2010

Changeable NE Weather... ?

I've joked about it before. "Don't like New England weather? Just wait a minute." Really, it's normal for the weather here to be wonky, to go from one extreme to another rapidly. What is NOT normal is this insufferable heat that just goes on and on. I mean, come on! We moved here from Maryland to get away from this sticky, awful, incessant heat. And here it follows us, making our summer just awful.

I don't mind sunny days. I prefer them to last year's rainy ones that went on and on. We're suffering from the farmer's dilemna, of course - too much rain last year, and almost none this year. Still, the garden is doing well. We have already, in less than two weeks of picking, gotten almost 40 pounds of green beans put away for the year. And the second batch of beans isn't even flowering yet... I think I'm scared.

The cukes are coming in, too. So are onions, garlic, tomatoes, and zuchinni. I hate processing in this heat, but it has to be done. Honestly, I haven't done much of it. Farnham and sis have been the ones doing the majority of the work lately. I've done a bit here and there, but mostly I've been hiding in my room.

Perimenopause sucks. I was doing okay with the hot flashes. After two years of them, I had kind of gotten used to suddenly breaking out in a flush or a soaking sweat. I stopped buying long sleeve shirts for the winter, and just contemplated bikinis and silk. My monthly has been getting farther and farther apart, and that's been pretty nice, too. I'd been kind of wondering if, after 20 years of being unable to truly celebrate Beltaine, maybe 2011 might be The Year of Joy. However... yeah, I'm not thinking that's going to happen. Instead, I seem to go temporarily insane.

Ah well. I'm still here. I'm still working at it. It's dark of the moon, time to say a prayer for Hecate, my beautiful Lady.
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