Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry Prompt

This week's prompt from Big Tent Poetry is, "write a poem placing a pop culture icon in a mundane, domestic situation." Well, I took that as a challenge. I thought about Lindsay Lohan in jail. I contemplated Obama wondering why his ratings were dropping. Then there's the whole Ellen DeGeneres on Idol thing... How about Chelsea Clinton's wedding woes? After serious consideration of these pop icons and more, I decided to go with something I have more experience with: Doctor Who. After all, the Tardis has to be cleaned sometime, doesn't it??

Sometimes Bigger Isn't Better

Its blue exterior needs a new coat of paint.
It looks shabby, and the copper needs shining.
He surveys the exterior in a moment of
Key in hand, he enters and sighs with contentment
As space spreads out before him in its
Steampunk glory.
His finger runs across the center console
Like a lover's touch, caressing.
Yet the moment is ruined when his
Size 12s trip over a scarf
Discarded on the floor.
He sets aside his jacket and bow tie
In favor of short sleeves and jeans
And digs into the task of cleaning.
Starting at the center, he works his way out,
Dusting, mopping, chasing out the spiders.
Tiny motes dance in the offset light of the room,
And he smiles, thinking of all the people
Who have danced with them
Over the years.
Once more he smiles, being glad that he
Never installed carpet
To molder and stink as the days passed.
In a corner, he finds a pair of sneakers
That once belonged to her.
His face caves in upon itself as
The solitude of centuries piles on.
She's long dead, and he's far away.
Still, he can't bring himself to throw them away,
Anymore than he can discard the old, worn scarf
Or the now-threadbare velvet green jacket.
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