Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Seminary Year Begins...

Img by moonmisery, my daughter.
Well, it's time to reflect. Autumn is a time of endings and beginnings, as all changes of season are. Many of my friends are celebrating Persephone's return to the Underworld. I tend to celebrate that more around Halloween, though I recognize that right now is definitely a time of closing, and shutting down. It's the time when we clean off the wood stoves and get them ready to keep us warm throughout the winter. It's the time when we first fire off the kitchen wood cook stove, revelling in its smoky scent and dry, delicious heat. On chill mornings when the frost has painted the windows, and the grass crunches under our feet, that little wood cook stove makes all the difference in the house. It cuts the cold like a knife, leaving behind a gentle, steady heat that envelops each person to come through the kitchen door.

September brings about the beginning of my seminary year. This Saturday I will be travelling to NYC for the day, to attend classes and meet up with old friends. This is my second year, and will lead to my graduation and ordination in The New Seminary. I'm looking forward to getting back to classes. The summer break was very much needed, but I'm ready now to go back to school, to finish up the learning that started last fall. I'm ready to pick up my books again, and I'm eager now that I have reading glasses and am not getting massive headaches while attempting to read.

Wish me luck!
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