Thursday, September 16, 2010

Transparency Time

Well, I thought it was time to add in my transparency information. I actually gained this week, but it's "that time" and it was a pound and I'm bloated, so perhaps it was good. We'll know if I have a largish loss next week that what I was measuring this week was water weight. Regardless, here are the stats, with starting numbers in (brackets):

Weight: 203.2 lbs (210)
Arms: 14" (same)
Hips: 49" (50")
Bust: 47.3" (48")
Waist: 45" (48.5")
Dress size: 18 (same)
Thighs: 24" (24.8")

So... I may not have lost weight, but there's definitely a loss of size there. The loss might even be more, as I measured the first time with a soft measuring tape while naked (ooooh... heh), and this time I measured with a steel measuring tape while dressed. So... I think I feel pretty good about it. I may not have lost pounds, but I lost inches, and in a lot of ways, that's more important.

A long time ago, someone told me that the scale lies a lot. There are so many things that can affect your weight, especially when weighing as often as I am (once a week). Things like water weight from bloating, before/after your bathroom routine, what clothing you're wearing, whether you showered, etc, all can add or subtract subtle amounts from your weight. At WW, we weigh in 2/10ths of a pound, so those changes are seen. Weighing with and without shoes could mean the difference between "maintaining" and "losing" for the week.

Inches are inches, though, regardless of how you look at it. I've lost inches at waist, hips, bust, and thighs. My jeans are swimming on me. My brand new yoga pants are pretty loose. The evidence is there. I have not fallen behind, nor have I given up. Success is still mine.
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