Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poetry Gong

Big Tent Poetry has instituted a new thing called the Poetry Gong. The idea is to write several poems on a theme, and do it more quickly than usual. Like most things at Big Tent, it's not required, but I felt like I wanted to do this one.

The theme was "something new to you." We were challenged to read a new poet, or a new poem by a poet we know, and use that as a springboard for writing our own poetry. I went and found a wonderful poem: I Taught Myself to Live Simply by Anna Akhmatova. I'd never heard of her before, but the title drew me in. It isn't the kind of poetry I usually read, but I really enjoyed it's slightly dark but inevitably bright imagery. It inspired me to write my own vision of simplicity.

Simplicity's Growth

Gone are the piles of ill fitting clothes.
Gone are the boxes of stuff.
Bags and bins of things I dispose
Of, no matter how rough
It is to get rid of those items I love.
I need to simplify me;
Somehow to take away all of
My soul's filthy debris.

Now I will fill myself with light,
With joy and laughter, too.
Even in the dark, quiet of night
Peace shall rise anew
And push away the memories.
Life's too short, I know,
To waste on entropy's increase.
Simplicity will grow.
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