Sunday, October 31, 2010

Show your True Colors

I'm not the weepy type. I don't cry all that often, and usually it's because of something deeply personal to me. But last night I broke up reading the names of some of the gay teens who've been bullied and killed themselves. I performed a Litany of the Dead to a crowd that ended up being made up mostly of teens... and so I emphasized the fact that these young people had died. I didn't sob, but I had to take a breath when I was done, and I cried at home.

On this night, of all nights, we need to remember those who have died. Even moreso, we need to remember those who took their own lives because of physical, mental or emotional abuse, bullying, or because they were locked out of their families, churches, or friends' lives because they were Different.

The following video was done by the Gay Men's Choir of Los Angeles. The music is wonderful, but the message is even more poignant. I cried. This is beautiful.

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