Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm struggling with the complexity of my life. I want things to be more simple, less busy, less cluttered. I want more spirituality and less materiality, if that makes sense. It isn't that I don't still want my laptop and my little television and such; I do want those things. I want to reduce what I have in my life, though. I'm putting away many of my books, mostly fictional ones. Not all of them, of course. Heinlein will stay out, and Laura K. Hamilton, and a handful of others. My Shakespeare and Chaucer and other classic novels are on the shelves that are inside my closet, safe and close but not out gathering dust.

I'm putting away some of my religious books, too. While my Wiccan books are dear to my heart, I don't reference them much... well, ever, really. What I already know, I know and don't need to look up, and what I don't know usually can be found online if it's necessary. They take up so much space, and require so much dusting (which I never do until it's like it is now, coated and making me sneeze), that it just doesn't make sense. I'd rather dust stuff I'm using.

I'm moving my altars. When I originally set up my room 2 years ago, I had my altars at the foot of my bed. My interior sense of rightness told me that having them where I could glance up and see them was a Good Thing. Then the summer came and I moved my bed so that I got a cross breeze from my windows, and the altars are now beside my bed. It isn't a bad placement, but it isn't what I like. Tomorrow (I hope), I will move the altars over so they're again at the foot of my bed. It's time to clean them well anyhow.

Of course, moving the altars leaves a space beside my bed. It is my hope that I will get my blanket box finished soon (it needs to be sanded and stained, which shouldn't take too terribly long) and then I can move that into the empty space. That will allow me to put all my sheets, blankets, extra pillows, and hidden Christmas and Yule presents into a comfortable, clean, rodent-free place. I'll be picking up some cedar blocks to store inside, too, so that the blankets will have that lovely scent to them (and no moths will make their homes there).

I'm also hoping to get a desk. I'm spending more time doing research and reading of print books this year. While I need my computer, and love using it on my bed, it's time to get a desk that I can sit at and work at when I'm NOT computing. I'm going to troll and see what I can find there. I'm hoping to get a corner desk, which will simultaneously give me much actual desk space, and use up the odd corner on that side of my room, leaving enough space for my bedside tables and my television and such.

Yes, I know it doesn't sound simplified, but it will be. I've put away most of my knick knacks. All I've left out are my Cabbage Patch dolls and a small stuffed Wampa. The only other items that will be out when I'm done are my few important books, my religious books that are currently of use to me, my altars and their contents, and the few little things that sit on the top shelf of one of my book cases. That's it. No more bottle collections. No more junk on my side tables (I'll be cleaning out the side tables to accommodate the Stuff that usually sits on top). No more piles of school paperwork (I have a small wheeled cart for that now, so there's no excuse). No more clothes laying around (though that hasn't been much of an issue lately).

Basically, the main focus of my room will be books (school/seminary/etc) and altars (religion/seminary/etc). This is what I feel like I need right now. I need that focus. I need my life to point firmly toward my goals of completing seminary in the spring, and working on my ministry in its various ways.

I feel good about the work I've done today. I even cleaned one of my windows and scrubbed down the screen. Though it's a bit chilly out, I still like to have the window open just a bit at night. In the afternoons, like right now, I want it wide open for at least a little bit each day. Soon enough it'll be too cold to have them open at all, and I'll miss smelling the crisp autumn air each afternoon. I'm enjoying the gaze through my window right now as I type. I can look out over our corn field, right at our (still somewhat green) orchard and the bee hives there.

Around about 3pm or so, I can watch the family of turkeys come sauntering through the field, and know that in another couple of weeks we'll be able to take a few of them for Thanksgiving and Christmas/Yule. In the evenings or early mornings I can see the deer tripping silently along the edge of the corn, nibbling here and there as they travel. They, too, will go in the larder in their time, to feed us over the winter. They'll replace the beef that will get too expensive to buy come December, and we'll have lots of deer steak, deer stew, deer roast, and even ground deer.

Simplicity is there. I just have to fight through the junk to find it. I'll get there...
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