Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something or someone you could definitely live without

You know what I could do without? Stress. I am tired of stress. I am frustrated that there's so much stress in my life. I'm in fact stressing over the fact that I am stressed. What's wrong with this picture? "Researchers define stress as a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that causes bodily or mental tension. Simply put, stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on our body or mind." -- TimeThoughts

Physically, I am not sleeping as well as I should be. I am getting 7.5+ hours of sleep a night and feeling exhausted in the morning. I recently caught a cold, and it has dragged on. My body is not dealing well with all the current stress in the house. Mentally, I have been struggling with homework, and my ability to prioritize things (never great) has tanked out completely. The day just seems to disappear and nothing gets done. Emotionally, I'm on a roller coaster ride that just doesn't seem to end.

Yes, I could definitely live without stress.
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