Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something you never get compliments on

This is a tough one. I'm sure there are lots of things I don't get compliments on. My trumpet playing (I don't play...). My feeling is that the meme wishes me to share something I think I do well at that I do not receive compliments about. The answer is, I really don't know. There are things I rarely get compliments on, but not never. Even my housekeeping elicits compliments occasionally.

Thinking about it, the thing I don't receive compliments on would be my child-raising skills. I believe I am an excellent parent. My daughter still listens to me and respects me despite being thousands of miles away. The twins respect and obey me, too. When I'm alone with kids, generally speaking they're well behaved, well fed, and have a lot of fun. I'm strict and have rules I expect to be followed, but if you do follow them, we're all fine.
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