Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, and Happy 50th!

The happy couple are in the middle, Gray's parents (he's the one in grey, if you hadn't guessed lol). They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, quite an achievement in today's disposable society.

The secret to their success, you ask? They don't let it get to them. What's "it"? Everything is it, really. They do argue, sometimes vehemently. He's partially deaf, and she's suffering from spinal issues. They share a host of medical problems. Yet nothing seems to truly phase them. It's all ephemeral; their love is forever, though.

These are the first two people who knew about and FULLY accepted the relationship between me, Gray, and sis. Gray's mom pointed out that she's the one who introduced her son to all those Heinlein novels wherein he got the idea of polyamory from. She and his father approve, because our relationship is based on loving and truth. Wow.

We spent a week with them in Missouri. It was a blast, really, and worth the two full days of driving to get there (and then the two days back). It was fun to watch them exchange their vows, to look into one another's eyes and smile and see the love that is so timeless. They have found that there is, "time enough for love," as Lazarus says in the book of the same name.

These are people who have taught me what love is really about, through example. They are amazing, wonderful, occasionally peppery seniors who know how to throw a party and embrace life. I'm honored to have them as a part of my family.
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