Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Homework Seeds

If you look at your home as if it were in a dream, how would you analyze the symbolic content of each room?

That's a big question. I think I'll answer for my room only, since this is about my symbolism. The first thing I always see is my coffee cup. Empty or full, it's always on the bedside table, waiting for me. It's symbolic of awakeness, awareness, and inspiration. My clock is there, too, ticking out the ordered part of my day. There are books everywhere, both on shelves in neat rows and in stacks piled about the floor. They symbolize my search for knowledge, my escape from reality in some cases, and my acknowledgement that "I don't know" about a lot of things. My altars are currently in a messy state, partly because of the messy state of my own head. They're a pretty accurate reflection of the state of my mind, though not of my soul. My dolls and stuffed animals are there, too, the lost youth I've tried to make up for and grow out of.

Are the things you live with beautiful to you? Empowering? Were they inherited? Is there clutter and disorder?

While there's definitely clutter and disorder (especially right now, what with everything in flux), there's much of beauty in my room. Right now, my main focus for both beauty and spirituality is a new tea light lamp given to me by my sister-wife. It's made of a beautiful stone, carved in the shape of a pale owl. The feathers are cut out, allowing the tea light inside to shine through and illuminate the area. It speaks to me of hidden wisdom shining through, of keeping myself steady, of holding the light inside me always. I have images of my honored dead, and Starry Night on my wall. Cluttered, yes, but beautiful clutter.

What do the symbols tell you about your inner life?

I think they say that I'm not organized very much, but that I never give up. I'm a survivor, and sometimes I'm a hoarder although I've been trying to dig myself out of that lately. My inner life is easily swept into chaos, but there's always that hidden light I can draw on when I need to.
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