Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow day!

We had a snow day right after MLK Day, which our school system has off. Nice. Well, mostly nice. The shoveling part wasn't my favorite, but I enjoyed the plowing relatively well. I have a fondness for doing 360s in the tractor using the differential breaking system. Whee! I did the tractor plowing while Gray jockeyed cars for me and sis did the path shoveling. I think we did pretty well - we make a good team. The picture doesn't give you a good sense of just how much snow we've had over the past week or so. This is our second dumping, and our second snow day.

The trailer developed a leak, although we think it's fairly minor. Still, it isn't something you want to ignore, especially in winter. We spent some time clearing off the roof just after the last snow storm, and we have to do it again now. With the temperatures rising from "bloody cold" to "freezing" we need to address it so our friend doesn't get wet.

Gray and I attempted to make it up the hill yesterday, to no avail. I just am not fit enough to trail break through a mile and a bit of uphill hiking in knee deep snow. I made it a little less than half way, and gave out. Still, I didn't feel too bad, as the teen girls went up and only made it a bit farther than we did, and they got to travel through our path which was already beaten down. Yay us!

I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to live in New England (and I certainly don't see that changing any time soon!), I need to get myself some waterproof snow pants. I wore Gray's Carhart pants, but they're miles too long for me and I looked like a little kid in daddy's clothes. It also made walking up the hill more difficult, I'm sure, though at least I wasn't soaking wet. Having properly fitted snow pants would help me a lot. That and warmer socks. Heh...

In other news, I need desperately to pack up the stuff in my room. Half of it isn't mine, and the stuff that is nominally mine doesn't need to be in here. My room feels cluttered and messy when what I want is neat and tidy. And sparse.

What do I consider necessary? My religious books are important, both because I like having them around and because I use them for school. My computer and implements are necessary. I have a small rolling cart with three drawers that I keep school and other important stuff in, and I like to have that handy. I need my altars and altar implements. I need my blanket stand. I want my little tv and dvd player. Then there's my bed. Other than that, I have a number of fictional books (mostly Heinlein but a few others as well) that I can't bear to be parted with for too long. It'd be nice if that's all that was in my room...
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