Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing is in my soul...

I've written a book. That's not such a huge distinction anymore, you know. With vanity presses and on-demand printing, the idea of writing and having a book published is no longer something that only "those special people" can do. Anyone can apply themselves. If you don't believe me, go look at the scores of badly written, illiterate books (and I use that term loosely) available via Amazon's on-demand print service. My book is also printed through on-demand, admittedly. However, it's been through a rigorous editing process, having made its way past three people and myself before being committed to the printed page. I'm proud of my book, and I think the work I put into it shows in the quality of the words therein.

I have been thinking of working on another book. This makes me vastly different from the majority of other on-demand authors. Most seem to give up after one poorly written novel. I, on the other hand, have continued to write in various ways over the past three years since my book was published. I actually began the second book only a few weeks after the first came out, but did not have the mindset to follow through with it at that time. Yesterday, though, I came across the beginnings of that book as I was looking for something else in my documents folder, and I stopped to read.

What I began writing was a book designed to help people create their own rituals. It's tentatively titled The Road to Ritual, and has an outline with fourteen chapters. So far, I have only written the introduction, and not even all of that. It's not bad, but it's also not reflecting where I am right now, either.

I am going to pick up my book again, and begin plugging through it. It needs to be written! It has been singing that lulling song to me for some time, but not loud enough to really bother me. It's starting to get insistent though, and now I need to give it my attention. I have some major research to do before I can finish parts of it, into the history of religious and secular ritual, but nothing that I can't handle by sitting for a few hours in the local college library.

The rest of the book was going to be based on a type of ritual creation that I designed during my Wiccan years. That is no longer really the case, although the method itself is still quite applicable. However, the lessons I've learned in my year and a half at seminary have really changed the way in which I approach my sermons, rituals, and other religious services. I need to incorporate those new lessons into this book!

I also plan on having an instructive chapter which is written by people who read the draft of the book itself. I want them to create a ritual based on the things they learn through reading my book. Then I will have them explain the process, and include at least a part of the ritual they created, so people can see through example that the method works.

I'm actually feeling very excited about this, much more excited than I've felt about any writing project in a long, long time. I'm still chugging out the odd poem, and I love diddling around with short fiction, and of course I write for He Epistole several times a year, but this is different. This one is for ME. This one is for GOD/DESS(ES). This one is for the universe.

Wish me luck!
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