Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Book

My new book is tentatively titled The Road to Ritual, and is covering information about how to create your own, personal rituals. Some of us have been doing this so long it's kind of second nature, but for those who have never written a ritual before it can seem very daunting. I've watched my classmates suffer through stage fright, concern, worry, frustration, and anger as they learn the ins and outs of ritual. For some of them, it was a true trial to understand what was and was not a part of the ritual process. I am hoping that this book will address many of the issues that came up during classes at The New Seminary, as well as other problems that might occur as people are in the process of creation.

The book will have somewhere around 12 chapters, and will likely be a bit meatier than Longing for Wisdom. I'm discussing the history of ritual, and the place of ritual in our daily lives in the modern world. I'm going over all the different parts of ritual and teaching people how to assemble them reasonably. I'm even talking about family, seasonal, life cyclical, and festival rituals (those big ones with hundreds of people).

I started the book about 2 years ago, during a quiet time in my life. I think that was the LAST quiet time I had! I've poked at it a few times in the intervening months, but haven't looked at it truly seriously. Well, last week I started looking at it seriously. I've been chunking along, writing a bit here and there. I'm going to be trying to put in an hour or two a day writing it. When I wrote LfW, I was writing for hours and hours each day, and the words just poured out of me. This one is taking a lot more out of me, being much less about opinions and much more about facts. I'm enjoying, though!
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