Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dark Night of the Soul

Silence fills the halls around me;
Blackness blinds me to everything.
Guilt and sorrow overflow my yearning breast.
All seems lost.
The world removed from me,
No person piercing the shadow
To save my aching soul.
Enveloped in the inky arms of death,
I bow my head and sob.
The tears glisten...
Is that a light?
No, I mustn't look!
Who knows - it might be a train,
And I don't want to see it.
Just take me now,
So I needn't live in the despair
Of knowing my failures.
And yet...
That is a glow in the distance,
A shimmering light that pulls me.
The silence and black fall away,
Melting like ice in summer sun,
And She stands before me.
My One, my Love,
My Goddess of the dark.
On her right is another,
To her left yet one more -
An unbroken line into the distance,
Of shining, luminescent figures,
Gods, all.
And why do I deserve this host,
This manifestation of miracles?
"You are our child."
I bow my head and sob,
Knowing that I am loved.
Written to  Mirror Veil, by Liquid Mind.
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