Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Darkest of Nights

Dark Night, Soul Blight

What does it mean to stumble and wander,
To move through the darkness,
No light to squander?
I cannot appreciate light's holy glow
Without the black to
Show what I forgo.
Yet when standing within the inky night,
Nothing to guide me
While soul yearns for flight,
I find that I cannot appreciate
That quiet, that silent
And most sacred state.
I fear and I cower, complain and whine
Not once seeing
The velvety shrine
That surrounds my being like strong, loving arms
Keeping me safe
From the world's harms.
When I am quiet, within and without,
Mind calmed, at peace,
I can be devout
In my worship, my awe, my understanding
Of darkness and soul,
And what they may bring.
Only then can I stop long enough to receive
The joy of the night,
My soul's soft reprieve.
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