Monday, March 21, 2011

Lonely Journey

Pic by Moonmisery
The Long Road (March 18th)

It's been a long road
With hills and valleys interspersed
Among flat highways with
Nothing at all to see.
I'm tired after miles of travel
And hundreds more to go.
My soul flies to green places,
Tempted by warmth and joy,
Yet where I am and
Where I'm going
Is so much more important.
When I pull myself away
From that seductive brink,
I pray for forgiveness.
I need to see the beauty
Of my present state,
Because by-gone memories
Are hazy with rosy hue
And the future is always full of perfect propositions.
The road goes ever on,
And I travel it with
What grace I can muster.
At times calm and serene,
And others not so much.
But here I am.
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