Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Father, Updated

Our Father, Redux

Our Father, our Mother,
Our parents who reside in the skies,
In the wilderness, in the desert,
Blessings and prayers be heaped upon you!
Let fat oxen and pure white doves be sacrificed
For the Holy Names above.
May your desires be made manifest
Upon the Earth, among your peoples
Of all colors, creeds, religions and beliefs.
Bring food and water, love and nurturing strength,
Material symbols of your love for us,
To be distributed among the needy,
The poor, the disturbed, the grieved.
Forgive us for not paying more attention
To those who call for succor,
And help us to better understand
Our fellow man, woman, and child
As an extension of ourselves.
Grand us the understanding that there is no
Us and Them,
But only WE.
Help us to help ourselves,
And those around us.
We humbly beg for the wisdom to
Understand good and evil,
For we have forgotten.
We have lost our way,
Lost the knowledge that
Thine is the place of glory,
That you, all faces of Divinity,
All Holy Powers,
Hold the keys to the Universe
Now and forevermore.
So be it.
So it is.
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