Sunday, March 13, 2011

Temptation's Pull


You know it so well, don't you?
It's that burn, the one that claws at your guts
And makes you start to pick up the
Forbidden fruit
(Chocolate? Sweets? Pure sugar?)
Despite the promise not to.
The undisguised longing and desire
Is like an unquenched thirst in your throat.
Put it down, leave it be.
It's no longer for you.
Instead it's a marker, a sign
That now would be a good time to pray.
Now would be that moment you've been waiting for,
The "right moment" to "get around to it."
Whether you press your hands together
And sink to repentant knees,
Or dance frenzied around the bonfire,
Or even pause for a moment and burst into song,
Doesn't matter.
What matters is the connection,
The reaching out for Divinity.
Stretch forth your hand,
So the Divine Powers can stretch back
And meet you half way.
Let temptation be your guide,
Your mentor, your personal trainer.
Revel in it, and make it powerless over you.
Turn temptation into a force for good,
Divinely driven.
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