Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What do I eat? (For Sylvan)

Dianne Sylvan is one of my favorite modern pagan authors and I read her blogs religiously (*snort* LOL). Today, she challenged us:

Thus, I invite you, dear readers, to share with me: what do you and your family eat in, say, a week? How much of it is homemade, how often do you go out? Do you shop for organic products or just grab what’s cheap? Are you veg, omni, gluten-free? I’d like to see a snapshot of everyone’s weekly kitchens no matter what kind of diet your family ascribes to.

So I am writing for her, today.

For the record, our family are omnivores. We sometimes eat vegetarian meals, and on rare occasions, vegan ones, but for the most part we like our meat and choose to raise some of it ourselves (chickens mostly). We grow as much of our own veg as we can, and store it via freezing, drying and canning. Nothing beats pulling out a can of last summer's home-canned tomatoes and eating them in snowy March during a freak blizzard (yes, that was yesterday).

As for our normal weekly fair, we do eat tacos or some variant of them (enchiladas, burritos, etc.) every couple of weeks. We like Mexican flavors, and they're a quick throw-together meal that can be made with whatever meat happens to be handy. We almost always have a packet of spices on hand, and so it's something we can make in a rush.

We eat a lot of chicken, both because we raise a lot of our own (though not all, yet) and because it's low in calories and high on flavor. Our favorite chicken meals include some form of chicken stir fry with whatever vegetables are handy, and chicken curry with a thick, coconutty sauce. If I were going vegan, curry would be high on my list of "must have" foods for quick and easy noshing, because I can make curry out of anything: potatoes, tofu, vegetables, tofurky, gluten crumbles, rice... and because curry can be changed in flavor with just a few subtle ingredients: tomatoes today, coconut tomorrow, peppers on Thursday.

We eat a lot of eggs, because we raise chickens and they provide us with fresh, safe brown eggs on a daily basis. Sometimes we eat eggs for dinner, but most often it's a breakfast or lunch item. We do everything from omelettes to fritattas to quiche and egg custard. Yum!

We do the ubiquitous pot roast, cooked in a low-heat oven for most of the day in a simmering wine and broth mix. When it's all falling apart, mixed in with the juices and potatoes and carrots, we love this as a pre-planned meal.

Lunches tend to be sandwiches around here, or quick microwaved left-overs.

There you have it. Food by Allyson.
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