Monday, April 18, 2011

BL Pictures

Well, at least I'm out of the house, right? Our town has a brand new WalMart that just opened up, and sis was kind enough to take me out to it to get some groceries and generally get a bit of sanity back. It's not impossible, but is much more difficult to keep one's wits about them when one sees only four walls and a roof. I was starting to get cabin fever, and I was snapping and yelling and doing very inappropriate things. Getting out has helped immensely, and I feel more human now, more like I'm actually a member of the race instead of a disembodied broken ankle. So yeah, I rode around WalMart in the silly little electric cart... But you know what? I was able to do shopping. By myself. I actually went off to the pharmacy to get things for sis, while she and the kids went to get toys. How's that!

Speaking of disembodied legs, here's mine. If you click the image, it will get (much) larger, allowing you to see the fully glory of my bruises and swelling. You can see a lot of swelling around the toes there, and some interesting bruises (more on those with the picture below, which has labels and circles and such). As you can tell, I'm allowed to take the cast off now and then. I've been taking it off to ice the leg each night, which allows me to put the icepack directly on the spot where the break is, rather than just draping it over the cast and hoping it gets cool enough. It also allows me to air out the cast, which would get pretty funky if I didn't. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be stuck in a full plaster cast with no way to get it off and clean. Ick!

Okay here's the same pic with some labels. At the foot, I am questioning the amount (and location) of swelling. It gets huge right there, every night, but rarely during the day. What the heck is up with that? It's mostly just right there that I swell. As near as I can tell, the rest of the leg doesn't do a thing, including the break site. Go figure! The bruise along the bottom of the foot is the basic bruise that happens anytime you do anything to your ankle. Every time I've sprained it, it's been the same thing. The tiny circle at my ankle is where the actual break is. The larger circle at the very bottom is the confusing bruise that I don't understand because it isn't near the break nor has it hit anything because it's been encased in fiberglass.

So... that's my life lately. I have work to do on my minister's manual for school, and work to do on my book, but other than that things are fairly slow right this moment. Many people are telling me that's a good thing, as it means I can concentrate on healing.

Oh, there was ONE more thing. I got new shoe. Yes that's right, new shoe, not new shoeS, because I can only wear one. Well, I did get the other one but it's still in the box, and will stay there for at least six weeks, until the doc says I can wear shoes again instead of the aircast. It's a good, sturdy shoe, leather upper, non-skid rubber sole, and somewhat stylish. it's much better than the black tennis shoe I've been wearing for the last two weeks... It's very comfortable, and even better than comfortable, it makes my legs the same length! This means I can both crutch easier, and even hobble a few steps without crutches. Yay shoe!
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