Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dem's Da Breaks...

How long do you think it'll take for me to run out of "broken leg" jokes? LOL... So I'm laying in bed right now, icing my ankle, as you can see. The aircast lets me remove the top and strap the ice in there, to cool things down. I just had a wonderful, amazing, cleansing shower wherein I scrubbed my hair within an inch of its life, and scoured my skin until it glowed. I feel thoroughly better, except my ankle hurts. Still, my ankle hurts, a bit, and all I'm taking is tylenol and a single percocet at night. I think I'm doing pretty well, actually.

On Monday, I go back to see the OS, who will take more x-rays and tell me if anything has become displaced. He'll also tell me if I have to get a plaster cast, or if he's going to let me live out my broken leg scenario in the aircast (which is what I hope for... you can't "pop the lid" off a plaster cast). I've been an extremely good girl, keeping it above my heart for at least 22 out of every 24 hours. I'm drinking calcium fortified orange juice, per the doc and my friends at MyBrokenLeg. I'm being the model patient, because I want to walk down the aisle for my ordination, sans cast.

The leg itself isn't looking all that bad, considering. There's a nasty bruise that runs from the base of my heel to my mid-shin, but as you can see it isn't really nasty. Just kind of muddy brownish. I'm experiencing a neat thing called proprioception. That's when you can't tell where  your foot is or what angle it's at. Apparently it's common among those who break bones in their leg. I'll be lying here, and suddenly wonder if my leg is on the pillows or not. I can't actually tell! When I look, sure indeed, there it is propped up just as I left it. It doesn't FEEL that way though.

I have to tell you, showers feel magnificent now, in a way they never have before. After all the work and b.s. to get into it, I savor every second, despite the garbage back duct taped to my leg. The leg itself is starting to get a bit stinky, unfortunately. Gray wouldn't let me wash it even with a damp washcloth while the cast was off for sock changing. I'm going to ask the OS if I can do that, though. It sure would be nice to do, I'll tell you.

Tomorrow I'm going to church. It'll be strenuous, but I feel like the emotional and spiritual rewards will far surpass any physical exhaustion. I also have my confirmation class in the afternoon, and I'll see if I'm ready to do that.

Now I need to go work on a sermon for Palm Sunday's vespers service. I'm still going to preach it, yes I am!
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