Monday, April 11, 2011

Four to Six Weeks... and counting.

This is the picture of my break that they took last Monday, the day after it was done. You can clearly see the spiral fracture in the fibula.

And here it is today. The fragments are all held together nicely, and the OS says that at this point they're probably healing up well. The first thing that forms is a kind of jelly or cartelidge which doesn't show up on the xrays so we don't see it here, but he seems to feel it's doing exceptionally well.

The news right now is I can bear weight as tolerated. This means that I can take steps so long as I have no pain. If it hurts, don't do it. I can stand, at this point, once I get my balance. This makes brushing my teeth much easier. I did take a few steps today but it started to hurt pretty quick so I stopped. Still, it's something! I can also take the cast off for bathing purposes, and to let it air out in the evenings and let my foot move a bit. This means no more stinky foot!!
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