Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I don't usually have vivid dreams. Oh, I do dream, but it's not often that I recall more than a few tidbits from them. They're often very fragmented, and most of the time I remember only fleeting emotions. The past week or so has been quite the opposite, though. I've been having incredibly vivid dreams, ones that are both bizarre and strangely alluring. I don't mind having colorful dreams, and I enjoy being able to wake up and remember big chunks of them.

This particular rush of dreams, though, has been odd even for me. I am not a big "sex dream" kind of person. I don't recall having dreams of that type since I was a teen, in fact. Most of the time, if there is coupling in my dreams, it becomes the "fade to the fireplace" type where you know what happened but you don't actually see it. This is not the case this week. At all. Wow.

First, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not generally a Kevin McKidd kind of gal. He's handsome enough, but he's really not my type. I'm more interested in his bad-boy friend from the series Rome (that'd be Pullo for those who haven't seen the show). I like dark hair, short legs, stocky built men with tight butts. Kevin McKidd doesn't fit any of those criteria. And yet he has played a very  major part in some incredibly torrid sex scenes in my dreams of late. I have no idea what this means. LOL!

Basically, he shows up in my dream in the midst of something complex and it becomes a "can't get together because of X" sort of thing. We resist the temptation until all hell breaks loose, at which point we fall together and the torrid sex scene comes into play. Surprisingly, I have been very participatory in these dreams (most of the time with vivid dreams, I'm kind of third person even if I'm active in the dream), and they have been very ... active dreams. I have no idea why it's McKidd who shows up, either, and it isn't him in character... it's McKidd the actor.

So after these scenes, we skitter off as if we're in some kind of spy novel (maybe we are... I don't remember all the small details) and meet up with a woman. At some point I trade in McKidd for the chick, which becomes another torrid scene. Later on, I trade sex for a favor to keep me and the woman safe from some inexplicable harm.

I've had similar type dreams for a few nights running, now. It's extremely odd. They're not repeats, although if I were critiquing it as writing I'd say it was rather plagiaristic. Still, at least I'm involved in them and not just sitting and watching them. I wonder what this says about me!
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