Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead.

Yes, he's dead.

People have hailed him as the most notorious terrorist ever. He's been called pure evil. He purportedly led extremists to bomb the Twin Towers, bringing about the death of thousands of people. People ran into the streets last night, chanting USA and other things. Newspapers came out saying, "Rot in Hell" and other headlines of similar ilk.

I am uncomfortable with all of this. I'm not upset that bin Laden is dead. Regardless of anything else, he was a very bad man, and frankly deserved to come face to face with his God in order to explain his actions. However, I don't think it's a moment for celebration. Not at all.

This is a moment for grief. This is a moment for solace, and maybe for closure for some. This is not a moment for celebration.

In the past 24 hours I have heard people I know saying he got what he deserved, shouting that we should have tortured and maimed him, that we should have done horrible things to his wives... Some of these same people are horrified that I raise, kill, and process my own chickens because it's cruel. I am having a really hard time understanding those two points as coming from a single person.

I saw news posts of people partying in Manhattan and in DC, shouting and laughing and burning pictures of bin Laden. It reminded me, terribly, of the extremists in the Muslim and Arab lands, who burned our flag and cheered and celebrated upon seeing the Twin Towers go down. I'll admit, I felt just as sick watching the people in our country celebrate, as I was when the extremists did it. It's not right.

I am not sad that he's gone. I think it's right that he has moved on, and I trust that his God will take care of him in whatever manner is necessary. I am not happy that he's dead, either, though. We have given up a known for an unknown. We have killed a man for killing our men. I'm not certain I'm okay with that. I'd be a lot happier if a trial had happened.

Blessed Hecate, TriFold Mistress of the Dark Times,
Tonight is your night. Tonight is the night you rule, and hold sway.
See that Osama reaches the place that he needs to be. 
Take word to those whose lives he ended, American and Muslim alike, and let them know it is over.
Let there be no celebration over death; this is not a happy time.
Instead, let there be sober thought, fervent prayers, and new hope.
Be not a jailer to his tortured soul, but only convey him to his place of justice.
He has much to account for, and I weep for that, and for all those he harmed.
Let my tears be the offering I make to you,
My Dark Lady, my beautiful one.
So be it.
                      - Allyson Szabo, May 2, 2011
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