Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life, the Universe, and Everything.

This summer has been spent at the beach, at the park, in the library, and around and about. The children have been active and full of life and joy, and are brown as berries. I think my favorite moments are definitely the library ones, though. There's a big rocking chair there, and I can settle into it and watch the magic of words unfold around me. The kids really enjoy reading, and sometimes they ask me to read TO them. I don't mind - reading is something near and dear to my own heart. So we read book after book, until they find one they like enough to want to bring it home for night time reading. We've been spending time each night, after the lights are out, reading The Secret of NIMH, a favorite of mine from my own childhood. The boy is also starting to work through chapter books (Animorphs at the moment, which are horrid but hey, he's reading). I'm not willing to discourage ANY source of reading in this house.

Still, books must be balanced with outdoor activities, and they've done plenty of that this summer, too. It's been gratifying watching them growing and running and playing. Today we'll be heading up to the park on their bikes, with me trailing along behind on foot. They have training wheels right now, but I suspect they'll be ready to ditch those before the snow hits. They're almost ready now! In another week they'll be back in the classroom, a full day at their mom's school. They'll be going in with her in the morning, staying all day, then coming home with her in the evenings. Such a long, long day, but they'll get some mommy time every morning and evening, definitely not a bad thing. I admit, though, I will miss them. I like the quiet, the ability to do some work on my computer, get the housework done in a timely fashion (and stay done for a couple of hours at least LOL), but I'll miss their firm little arms wrapping around my neck and their snuggles and drawings and other happy things.

Keep your fingers crossed - it looks like we should close on our house next week!
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