Friday, September 23, 2011


I am many things. I am female, short, overweight and blonde. I am a mother, minister, cook, priestess, lover, counselor and writer. I am also, for lack of a better term, Republican in my political leanings. Now... I can imagine that many of you may be reaching for your tar and feathers. After all, we pagans are supposed to be peace loving hippies who always vote Democrat, right? All pagans are liberals, after all. Well... no, actually, we're not. Just as not all pagans are vegetarians, nudists, pacifists, or anything else. In fact, the only thing I feel comfortable saying about "all" pagans is that we're individuals. Amazing that, isn't it? Each one of us has our own beliefs, our own politics, our own thoughts about how things should be done and by whom. That's one of the joys of being human.

I try very hard not to judge my friends and acquaintances based on a single piece of information. I work every day at not being the kind of person who stammers out, "But some of my BEST FRIENDS are black!" The bottom line is that my friends are human. That means that each one of them can be many things, some of them even contradictory!

I have become more and more frustrated and annoyed with the general atmosphere of politics, over the past few years. I found a lot of the nastiness pointed at Bush to be distasteful and rude, but I support free speech and so I would politely disagree and then fall silent. People have a right to call him whatever they want, after all, even if I happen to think they're being rude. However, now that Obama is in office, I find that suddenly, that isn't quite true. I've seen people who made rude comments about Obama suddenly receiving death threats from mysterious places. I've heard of claims of racism aimed at people simply because they disagreed with Obama's political policies. I have witnessed much less rancor toward Obama, largely because anything said about or in his general direction seems to be accompanied by claims of racism and class warfare.

Now, before you think I'm just "ripping into the Left," let me explain that I'm just as annoyed with the Right. The rhetoric and political balderdash that has been passed around of late is pretty stomach churning. We're back into the political ad season, and once again I'm seeing ads that say nothing about a candidate's political beliefs, other than that they "stand against Mr. X." This is unfortunately equally true of both "sides" of this debate. It's disturbing, because the public seems to just accept it. They don't really expect to get any information out of the ads on television or the radio. They don't expect to get any information, period. They base their votes on whether a pet cause has been funded lately, or whether the politician in question kissed their baby. It's disgusting.

Neither political party is acting in acceptable manners. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are being reasonable in their assertions. There's a lot of name calling going on, and the media not only reports it, but feeds it and stirs it up. Recently, I had the displeasure to come across an article which started out with something along the lines of, "We know all the Right are against public assistance." Several people that I know were lauding the article, talking about how wonderful it was. I wondered how they could get past the first lie, and whether it was easier to take the lies in large chunks. I refused to read further. I have no interest in poisoning my mind with any rhetoric that begins with over-generalizations and misinformation.

If you find this little notice offensive... then you probably don't want to be my friend. I'm not saying you need to shuffle off, but I am what I am. I tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I believe in helping out things like Planned Parenthood, and I also think that Welfare shouldn't be run by the government. I don't want socialized healthcare and despise the "Obamacare" that is being pushed on us. I am disturbed by many of the methods used by Obama, even when I occasionally agree with the things he has done. It is a matter of the end NOT justifying the means. I am me, and that means that I am not "like all Republicans." Nor am I like "all pagans." I am not (and I believe no one is, to be honest) "all" anything. I'm human, with foibles, a temper, failings, and feelings.

There is a chance that you may find yourself no longer on my "friends" list on FaceBook or GooglePlus. This has nothing to do with your character... but likely has to do with your responses to articles like the one I just mentioned. I simply no longer want to read mindless responses to ignorant articles. It bothers me. It doesn't mean I never want to talk to you again; it does mean I'd please like you to keep your politics and your "all or nothing" stance to yourself.

Amen, Ashe, So mote it be.
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