Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can a little baby change the world?

The question asked on my daily devotion was whether it was reasonable to expect a small baby to change the whole world. I ask in return, is it reasonable to expect a small baby to NOT change the world? Anyone who has ever interacted with a small baby will tell you that the world has changed, from the very moment that child was held in your arms. Any new parent will explain the incredible changes that they go through in order to have their child there with them in their home. Look at a new parent's eyes, at the dark circles and slightly hysterically happy smile, and you will see that the world has changed. Drastically.

There's a lot out there about The Baby Jesus. Google it and you'll find thousands upon thousands of entries, some Biblical in nature, others opinion or critique. The very fact that you have found those entries tells you that "the baby Jesus" certainly changed our world. Whether you see him as a metaphor, a borrowed god from another culture, a god in his own right, or the bastard son of a woman who didn't know what else to do doesn't really matter at this late date. Our world has been changed, some would say for the better, some for the worse. After all, the world's most horrible wars have been fought in the name of God. We must never let go of the knowledge that the world's most beautiful actions are done in the name of God, too.

There are people all around the world who celebrate something amazing in the next few days. Some celebrate Christmas. Some celebrate Hannukah. There's Kwanzaa, Solstice, Mithrasmass, Yuletide, and even New Year. Almost all of these touch on the idea of bringing something new and exciting into the world, bringing in light and joy and hope. The themes are similar, even downright suspiciously so in some cases. And it really doesn't matter at all what you celebrate.

Whether we celebrate the birth of Christ, the rebirth of light, the birth of the new year, or some other type of birth, may your winter holy days be TRULY holy.

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