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Anatomy of an unsafe abortion « Dr. Jen Gunter

Anatomy of an unsafe abortion « Dr. Jen Gunter:

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I invite you each to read it. Please be warned, there is serious squick factor, even though there are no images and the verbal picture painted is not as bright as it would be if you were present. If you've ever thought of abortion, been through one, or been with someone undergoing one, this will bring back possibly unpleasant memories. So... be warned. But please read.

I feel the need to post my personal opinion (note, this does not mean that others of my gender, religion, age group, ethnicity, or anything else also feel the same way). I have had an abortion. I am not proud of it, and for a very long time I told no one, partially because of that shame involved. In recent years, though, I've felt a need to say that yes, I have been through this. I know what it's like. I know just how little information is actually out there (or at least WAS out there, 22 years ago).

I am pro-choice. By that, I mean that I believe that every person (male AND female) should have the choice of what happens to their body. I am pro-life, by which I mean that I believe life begins at conception, and that abortion does end a life, even if it is a "potential life." I am pro-abortion, meaning that I believe it is important to keep abortion legal and safe in this country.

I have worked with people who are pregnant and trying to figure out what to do. I've done my absolute best to give enough information for each person to make an informed decision. The choice to end a pregnancy is not an easy one, and it lives with you for the rest of your life. I personally consider abortion to be a last-ditch choice, one made only when no other can possibly fit. I would never play God though, and tell a woman yes she should, or no she shouldn't.

And unpopular as this opinion is likely to be, I also believe that it is important for the father to be a part of that decision, if he is around. I don't think his choice should trump hers, unless we find a way for males to carry children to conception, in which case trump on! Pregnancy is not a disease, but it's often treated that way in our society, and no woman should be forced to go through with it if she really cannot bear the idea of it.

Again, these are my opinions. If you choose to debate in the comments, that's fine, but keep it polite and friendly or I'll just delete it.
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