Friday, February 10, 2012

Fighting For Gwen ::

Fighting For Gwen ::

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This is one of those stories that is close to my heart. Little Gwen happens to be a wee bit older than our twins but her story could be (and almost was) our own. Our boy twin is high functioning autistic, and like Gwen he is very sharp and memorizes many things, is reading well above his grade level, and is generally a very thoughtful young six year old. Also like Gwen, he needs a bit of extra support (though perhaps not as much as Gwen) in order to make it through the day at school. He gets frustrated easily, and has a hard time of it when schedules change (as they frequently do).

The school our boy started kindergarten in was much like the one Gwen landed in. The teachers were trying to help, but the administration was considerably less helpful. Luckily we were moving anyhow, and ended up in a fantastic district. If we had stayed in Hinsdale, NH, we would have had a massive fight on our hands, and it's a battle we would have felt was a necessity. Our children are our lives, and their education is very important.

So... read about Gwen and if nothing else, perhaps pass the story and the link along. Enjoy!
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