Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There's been an innate craziness in the air lately. Perhaps it's spring fever, or Mercury Retrograde, or maybe it's just that I'm doing something akin to Real Work for the first time in about ten years. Regardless, my schedule has gotten busy and packed in some really wonderful, if slightly insane, ways.

Yesterday is a great example of the general insanity of my life. I can also point to days like yesterday and remind myself that "I am getting better, every day." I didn't get angry, depressed, or even all that frustrated. I talked myself through the worst parts, shrugged off the rest, and went on with what had to be done. I'm kind of proud of myself.

My schedule yesterday was pretty packed. I had several articles to write for Examiner (for both my Prayer title and my Simple Living one) because the rest of the week was supposed to be rather busy. I had two weddings that needed to be worked on (one was a first draft, the other a final draft). I had bread to bake, laundry to do, vacuuming that HAD to be done, and dinner to make.

Normally I write my articles first thing in the morning. This gives me time to track down research if needed before publishing, and also lets me have the afternoon be less hectic if the Examiner was my only 'boss' for the day. Yesterday I just knew I needed to write the weddings first.

Which doesn't make sense. The articles were the ones that needed to be done, because I had until later in the week to complete the final draft wedding, and until Tuesday (today) to finish the first draft one. It was silly of me to start with the weddings when I had pressing articles to write. I listened to my instincts, though, and went with the flow. I wrote the weddings up first.

Just about the time I finished the last of the weddings, my phone rang. It turned out to be my "first draft" bride, calling to say she was on her way over and sorry for being late. I was stunned... my calendar clearly said Tuesday was our meeting time! I modulated my voice, smiled a lot, and told her that was fine, come on over but please excuse the mess.

This is the point when I normally panic. After all, WHAT IF she hadn't called to let me know she was running late? WHAT IF I hadn't worked on her wedding that morning, and had done the articles instead? WHAT IF the house was trashed (it was messy but not terribly so)? But I didn't panic.

I started to panic, and then realized there wasn't anything I could do about it. I needed to shower, dress, do a bit of vacuuming to get up the worst of the mess (we'd been gardening on the weekend and there was tracked in mud on the carpets and floors), and just... deal. And I did.

In the process of dealing, the printer ran out of ink (but not until I had my copy of the wedding and the contract printed up!), I realized I had to tidy the kitchen at least a bit and was running around doing that, and I got the worst of the dirt cleaned up.

When my couple arrived, I was in "minister clothes" and smiling calmly. On the table was a copy of the first draft of their wedding, and a copy of the contract ready for signing. We went over everything, talked about various changes to the ceremony, made some notes and tweaks, and all was well.

After they left, I managed to get the rest of the dishes loaded and ran the dishwasher. I got my articles written in a timely fashion, if a bit later than intended. I no longer had to write articles for later in the week because my Tuesday was now free and clear, unexpectedly. I admit, I never made it to the bread baking, but I'm okay with that. I can do that today, too!

So thank you to the gods for tweaking me to write the weddings early. Thank you for my bride and her groom calling to let me know they'd be "late" so I had time to get ready. Thank you for mysteriously having an extra copy of my contract already printed even though the printer was not usable. Thank you for the support of Gray, who came home to the tail end of the whirlwind cleaning spat. Just... thank you.
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