Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joy in the simple things.

I'm sitting here in the living room, enjoying what will probably be one of the last fires of the season in our wood stove. It's kept us warm and cozy all winter, and provided us with a central place, a gathering spot that brought us together in camaraderie and happiness. Children basked in the fire's warmth after getting out of the bath, and we've watched movies as it crackled in the background. I probably don't need a fire - the house is pretty warm as it is. Yet I don't quite want to give up that deliciousness right now. It's a comfort thing, I suppose.

So... here I sit, warm and cozy, staring out lazily at the overcast day and dripping trees. Beside me I have a tall glass of mandarin orange iced tea (home-made, I might add, from home brewed tea chilled, and mixed gently with the liquid from all natural canned mandarins) and a plate of peach slices. The flavors are simple, being unmixed with sugars or sweeteners or carbonation. At the same time, their complexity is wonderful! I feel truly blessed to be able to be here, on my couch, in my living room, taking in the day.

I've been writing for (here, and here), and both sections of the paper that I write for seem to call to me in similar ways. Prayer is a bit part of my life and always has been, and simple living (the 'backyards' topic) is what I strive for. Of course, I don't always live simply (says the girl who's eating peaches in March in a northern state), but I do work at it. I make choices based on what's best for me and my family. These two topics seem to weave around me, though, and I love that.

Right now, I'm spending my mornings writing and my afternoons doing house chores and research for the following day's writing. By 3:30pm the kids are home and I'm spending a bit of time with them then getting dinner cooking. If I'm lucky, my talented (bio) daughter will pop online and I'll get a chance to tell her I love her and listen to what's going on in her life sometime during the day. The days that I feel a bit down, I'm blessed with the ability to lay down and take a short nap, recharging my spiritual and physical batteries alike.

I have so much coming up in the next few weeks. Two weddings, several interviews for a new book that's coming out (and which includes one of my seminary classmates/friends as an author!), interviews for Examiner, a May Day celebration to plan... So much but still, I am loving the simplicity. Do this, then that. Then move on to the next item. I try to avoid stressing over things (though I fail at that, too, frequently). Mostly, I try to remember that even when my emotions are out of whack, I'm still loving and IN LOVE with my family members and myself.

Oh... and of course I joined the Pinterest community... which eats my soul. Perhaps that's why I've been so calm?
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