Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moments of Joy

For Lent, I gave up processed food. By that, I don't mean pasteurized milk or canned tomatoes, but I do mean anything that has ingredients that I can't pronounce or that are patently not natural. So... soda is out (high fructose corn syrup in the regular ones and sweeteners in the diets), and so is a lot of other stuff. I've been doing alright, as I've never been a big soda drinker, but once in a while I get a real craving. Earlier in the week, Gray took me and the kids to a vegetarian deli for lunch (they carry "real" food which I can eat, and which tastes REALLY good), and I discovered Boylan's cane cola. The ingredients are pretty simple, and they use cane sugar instead of any of those other fake sugars. This made me happy. I still only do a soda a week, but this means I can still have one over Lent, and I can feel not guilty about it!

This week we spent time with the children. It was their "winter break" (as separated from their "March break" which happens at the end of March) and we wanted to do some fun things. They got to do a lot of shopping and picked up some neat things (a new skipping rope, a nice bouncy ball of the volleyball size, some spring clothing, etc.). We also took them bowling. Of course, their momma snuck in some math skills in the process, and they happily added their scores and bowled their little hearts out. I had fun too, feeding quarters into the digital juke box and playing 80s tunes from my high school years. After bowling, we hit the game center attached to the bowling alley, and sis and I watched the kids play video games galore and even did a round on Dance Dance Revolution, which was hysterically funny.

Despite her feet hurting (she has severe arthritis and needs surgery this summer), I think sis had almost as much fun as I did. She even managed to find pink balls, which made me giggle. She's so into pink! It was a lot of fun, and it got the kids up and out of the house, moving and jumping and dancing, and away from computers and televisions. After bowling we ended up going to Big Lots, and I got some seeds (check out my post over on The Freehold later today) and some yummy organic treats. It's been a wonderful week!
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