Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love my herb garden. I love that it's in a recycled tire. I love that my dill and cilantro and parsley are growing huge. I love that I can trip out to the garden and grab a handful of herbs at anytime, for salad or a recipe. I love that my herbs are so close to the house, too.

I haven't done magickal work in a very long time, but when I was doing it more regularly, I was using herbs in a lot of my work. There's something extra powerful in the idea of growing something and then using it, either for its scent or its flavor.

A pinch of rosemary in a candle flame produces an incredible scent that doesn't set off most asthmatics. Crushed oregano in a diffuser with a candle under it will spice up any sacred space. For something sweeter, try a bit of tarragon, with its thick, liquorice scent.

Joy is fresh dill sauteed in butter and served over fresh wild-caught salmon.
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