Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working, working...

Minister's manual
I took time yesterday morning and a bit of today, to organize and put together my minister's manual. All of the pages that were in the manual I handed in as my final project for seminary are there. There is a section for sermons, for various types of liturgy (for instance, I added a personal version of the Communion liturgy), for rituals and for classes. It's got a spot for everything, really.

I had originally intended to hand in my final project in the three ring binder (pictured above), but we had to have it in a specific format that precluded that. Now I've retrieved all the pages from how it was when it was handed in, and it's all filed neatly and ready for use. I expect I'll add poems and such as I go along.

I am guessing that I should be able to add all my wedding ceremonies to it, so that I can allow potential clients to look at them and decide what bits they like or dislike. I find it handy to have a wedding book. Then again, it might do me well to separate the wedding book completely. I haven't decided yet. It's definitely nice to have something I can grab on the way out the door, though. One of these days I'm going to have to get the parts I use repeatedly put into a bound book through CreateSpace or some such, in small format. That way it can be tossed in my briefcase or purse.

I'm getting together a group of people to celebrate Midsummer on the 23rd or 24th of this month. I'm not quite sure what I plan on doing yet, but we'll have fun, regardless. If you're interested in coming to that, or to the cultural potluck (bring a dish from your heritage) the same weekend, let me know!
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