Friday, July 6, 2012

My bag of tricks

It has been a while coming, but I have finally made the decision to pull together a new bag of tricks. No, that's not another way of saying I'm changing religion or anything like that. Long ago, I had a little bag that I carried with me, that had bones and stones and coins and feathers and... stuff. It contained things that I had gathered that had energy that meant something to me.

I would toss those items out of the bag onto the carpet or a cloth, and read them like people read tarot cards. I wasn't horribly good at it, but it worked better for reading me than trying to do a tarot reading for myself. I would just poke through the items, figure out which ones fell close to others, and in what combinations. Which were closer to me and which farther away?  It was very random and I had no training or explanation on how to do this. I just did it.

It's been over 20 years since I last had a bag of tricks. I have decided that it's time to do it again. I have some pieces already: a little owl bead that sis gave me, some downy owl feathers, stones brought to me by a classmate from the Aswan Dam in Egypt.

There are other symbols, non-pagan symbols, that will be in my bag of tricks now. I would like to include a tiny hamsa from the Jewish beliefs, and a cross from Christianity. Perhaps a Ganesha charm should be there as well, and perhaps an Ohm. I can think of many symbols that I could include, though of course it will depend on what I find as I go about creating the bag of tricks.

Of course, things come and go from the bag, too, or at least they used to years ago. Small pieces were mislaid or lost, or perhaps just migrated to other people as the need arose. I would be somewhere and an item would just jump out at me, demanding to be picked up or purchased.

The bag itself is a mystery just now. I like this style a lot, the solid color velvet. It sits nicely in the hand and is gentle on its contents. However, the owl is one of my personal symbols, as well as a strong symbol of wisdom. I saw this little guy and was enamored with him, but I really dislike zippers on ritual or spiritual items. Then I found Liminal Thread's owl bag, which is ostensibly for Athene but history and mythology buffs know that Hecate (my matron) and Athene are often conflated or even believed to be one and the same. So who knows. I may just end up with a silk bag made of a scrap from the cupboard. Time will tell.

What things will be in my bag in this iteration? Who knows. I look forward to finding out!
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