Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gratitude for gardens

The days get busy so fast around here. I've been having my moments of gratitude every day but I haven't made time to write them down. I am hoping to do better!

Saturday, August 4th

I am grateful for the opportunity to marry a beautiful couple on the day of their 20th anniversary. Watching their shining faces as they stood before their family and friends, on the beach that was their meeting place, was just so amazing. "With the horizon our only walls, the sky our only ceiling, and the earth our floor," I joined them together in a very heart felt ceremony. This is one of  those days I love my job.

Sunday, August 5th

I am grateful that I got to preach this morning at Nelson Congregational Church. The people there are always so welcoming, and I had a great topic which spoke to me and to them. I also did my first solo Communion, which was not perfect, but went well enough.

Monday, August 6th

I am grateful for a day to sleep in, work on writing, and generally relax.

Tuesday, August 7th

Today, I am grateful for ibuprofin and the chance to put my foot up. I walked up to the bank to deposit some checks in the business account, and while it isn't a horridly long way, it was long enough. My ankle swelled to almost twice its normal size, but thanks to the ibuprofin, it's gone down again. The world is good; better living through chemistry!
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