Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gratitude for work

I'm grateful today for my job(s). At one point I wasn't sure I would ever really be working again. Fate seemed to have settled me as house mistress and while that's "work" as in "effort", it isn't the paying kind. Now, I find myself doing pulpit supply, weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. I also do html coding for a few friends, which doesn't bring in a huge glut of cash, but it's enough. And then there's my writing, for Examiner and for other places.

Do I earn a living wage? Nope, not even close. My family does, though, and what I earn tends to go for fun things that otherwise are outside our budget. On the few opportunities I get to pay a bill or pick up the week's groceries, I get all a-flutter.

I like earning money, especially so doing things that call to my soul. I hated answering phones, typing letters, and running offices. It was something I was good at (still am), but it never was a spiritual calling. All it was, was a paycheck. Now, preaching and doing ceremonies and writing... now I feel my spiritual side springing free.
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