Saturday, August 18, 2012

Three days of gratitude

Thursday, August 16th

Today I'm grateful for the ability to ask others for prayers, and for receiving those prayers. A wonderful mentor has an issue going on and asked for prayers. I was able to talk to all those on my seminary list and an interfaith minister support group online for help for that mentor and for myself dealing with it. 

Friday, August 17th

Today's gratitude is for movies from the library. I picked up The Black Cauldron and Redwall and we watched them. The kids loved them, and they brought up many old memories for me. It was nice to cuddle up on the couch during the scary bits.

Saturday, August 18th

Today I'm grateful for half-off green beans at the grocery store. Because of them, this winter we won't have to buy expensive ones at the store. We'll have fresh ones in our freezer from this sale. They're all blanched and in FoodSaver sealer bags, resting happily in the freezer. There's even one big one all set for use on Thanksgiving, and so labelled so we don't lose it.
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