Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grateful for autumn plenty

Tonight I made up a dish called "40 clove chicken" which was the most tender, tasty chicken I've ever made. It was easy as sin, too. I cooked it slow, for about 4 hours, and the garlic (of the 40 cloves, above) was all soft and squishy and delicious. I plan on making this one again!  I roasted the chicken up with organic local carrots and local potatoes, and herbs right out of the garden.

For lunch, I made creamy crab pesto with pasta. The pesto I had made with basil from my own garden, and local garlic. I made "one batch" but of course you don't use a lot of pesto. A little goes a long way. Mixed with cream and cheese and crab and mushrooms, it was incredible. I wish I'd been able to put the nice big chunks of crab on it, but I made do with a can of minced crab meat. The idea was sound. The flavor was excellent.

So today, I'm grateful for the plenty that comes at this time of year. There are jars in the pantry, full of garden goodness. There are packages of grain, of corn, of barley and beans and split peas, all waiting to be used over the cold season. Gratitude comes from the stomach, today.
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