Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grateful for stewed tomatoes

On Tuesday, we picked up a bushel of fresh roma tomatoes. Today I opened the first box and peeked inside, wallowing in the red, heavenly scented goodness. They're huge, meaty, and have very few seeds. I spent this afternoon dunking them in boiling water, cooling them in an ice bath, peeling them, then chopping them up to make stewed tomatoes. This was a test batch, so I made only 3 pints (plus enough for sauce for tonight's spaghetti!), but the flavor was incredible.

I stewed up the tomatoes with fresh basil, parsley and oregano from the garden, several cloves of garlic, a medium onion, and two tablespoons of turbinado sugar. I jarred it all up, put on the lids and rings, and slid my 3 jars into the pressure canner.

Tomatoes can be water bathed but I decided that 45 minutes in a water bath was a long time in comparison to 15 minutes in the pressure canner. I'm still waiting for the pressure to drop enough to let me open the canner, but pressure was well maintained throughout. I'm quite happy with myself.

So I'm grateful for my stewed, home canned tomatoes!
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