Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gratitude for shopping

Today, sis and I got to go shopping. We've done some minor grocery shopping in the past month, but money has been so tight that we have not been able to indulge in even window-shopping, in case we saw something we needed. Well, today we had a bit of money (not a lot but a bit, thank you MiL) and were able to make a trip out to Ocean State Job Lots, where we got neat binders for the high school girl in our life, fun but useful and nutritious (and very store-able) foods for the next couple of weeks, and even a couple of little things for ourselves.

I have SOCKS! Woot! I have an obsession with knee socks that has lasted about 5 or 6 years now. Job Lots carries a brand of socks that is both cheap, and fits around my rather large calves. I got four pairs of socks, all of which fit beautifully, are long enough, aren't so large in the foot that I feel like the heel is up at my mid-calf, and are "funky" looking. So today, I'm grateful for silly shopping trips and cheap but wonderful socks that I really, *really* needed for the winter.
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