Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running behind

I don't know if any of you read Girls with Slingshots, but they got hacked on Aug. 31st and only just got their site back up. If you don't read it, you should. It's hysterically funny, full of comic goodness, and includes such diverse characters as a dominatrix, a ghost cat, a talking cactus (McPedro, pictured above), and a wide variety of lesbian, gay, straight, and questionable people.

September 7th

Today, I am grateful for getting my article out on time. I have been struggling with my articles for Examiner, and it was good to have one come fairly easily.

September 8th

I'm grateful for today's bbq in Manchester, NH. There was a lot of good friendship, chat, and even a wee bit of beer!

September 9th

I'm so grateful for Lyrion ApTower's salons, especially today's. I wish the time we spent there was longer, but there was so much to do. We watched The Burning Times, which I had seen before, but it was good to watch it again. I found myself both interested in it and embarrassed at the hair, because the film was made during my own entrance to Wicca. I know I looked just like them. LOL!

September 10th

I'm glad it's quiet, and that things got done today. I'm especially grateful today for having gotten word that my old mentor is alive and well after disappearing for several months.

September 11th

Today, I am grateful for Gray. He was supposed to be working near the Pentagon, perhaps driving right past the part that got it, eleven years ago. It took hours for me to get ahold of him. It was the day I realized I didn't just like him; I loved him. I'm so grateful he is a part of my life.
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