Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful for ... yeah that's hard today.

I missed yesterday, so...

Wednesday, September 12 - Today I'm grateful for the ability to put food away for winter use. It's a lot of work canning up tomatoes, and my feet are sore now that I'm done, but there's a definite moment of pride seeing the finished product. The tomatoes aren't yet canned, but the various tomato products are made, and waiting for canning tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13 - Today I'm not feeling horribly thankful, and I'll explain in a moment. However, I am sticking to my guns on my thankful journey. So today, I'm thankful for a new recipe to use up the tomatoes and zucchini in the fridge. It's called Vegetable Tian. I found it on Pinterest, then modified it to what I happened to have on hand. However, it smells and looks heavenly, and I can't wait to serve it up with fresh pasta and pesto tonight.

Why I'm not thankful today - I've been keeping up on the attacks on our Embassies in the Middle East. It's been upsetting, watching people who are innocent of wrongdoing paying the price because of idiocy here in the States. Why did people start attacking our Embassies? That would be because they hate us. At least that's what seems to be coming out. But they used a YouTube hate video and a Q'ran burning as excuses for attacking American soldiers and Ambassadors. In Benghazi, our Ambassador (apparently well loved by the local people) was not only subjected to violence and humiliation, his body was also dragged through the streets. We don't know yet whether he was alive or dead when that happened.

Killing anyone over burning paper or making a video (no matter how hateful the material) is just not acceptable. My only saving grace lies in the picture I have here and a few others, showing the people outside what's left of the embassy at Benghazi, showing the people standing there with signs in English and their own language saying that they despise the people who did it, and that they are not Muslims, but "thugs and killers."
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