Friday, October 5, 2012

Books for Halloween

I love books. I've loved books all my life. I started reading at age 3 or 4, and never looked back. By kindergarten, I was reading such things as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. In fourth grade, my class read The Hobbit, and I was bored because at the time I was most of the way through the last of the Ring cycle. I devoured Harry Potter when it came out (yes, I was an adult at the time, and had been for too long), and have passed that hunger on to our children.

For me, reading is a very spiritual activity. I make a point of picking up a spiritual book several times a week, often nightly. I try to make time for my fiction, too, as a time to let my hair down and disappear into some fictional world where everything works out right in the end. I like everything from the Sookie Stackhouse novels to Shakespeare .

For Halloween, I thought I would share some neat FREE e-books available right now via Amazon. Note - these are time-sensitive and may not be free any other day than today; I have no idea how long they'll keep them free. However, they're free today, October 5th, and they look fantastic. I love having books on my smartphone (which has the Kindle ap) for the kids to read if we get stuck waiting somewhere or are in the car for a long period unexpectedly.

The first two are much more Octobery in nature, but all are free and look like a lot of fun. I've downloaded them for our twins, and I'm thinking we'll go read them in a bit!

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