Saturday, December 1, 2012

Capturing December

My view today
I was bouncing around Pinterest the other day and ran across something called "Capturing December" over at A Content Housewife. I don't do a lot of photography, but this just seems so creative and happy-making that I decided to do it. So... each day I will be posting up a picture, sometimes with a comment and sometimes not. They'll be taken that day, not in advance, and I'll be using my DroidX. The camera isn't professional, but it's the best non-manual camera I've had.

Today's picture title is "Your view today." I decided to take a picture out my kitchen window, which faces out into the woods behind our house. This is the view I see each morning while drinking coffee and making breakfast. It's the view I gaze at in the afternoon while having a tea. I love looking out this window. In the summer, the spot in front of the cut snowy log (center) is filled with the most delicate white flowers that almost glow in the late morning sun. It looks like a spot where fairies might come to dine. Now that it's winter, I suppose the fairies are all in warm places. Mr. Squirrel and his wife come by to pick up the bits of bread and vegetables we occasional toss out for them, and often hop up on a log to wave to us.

I hope you enjoy my view today as much as I do!

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