Thursday, December 13, 2012

Keeping up... barely!

Dec. 11 - Greens
The challenge for Dec. 11th was "greens" and the only greens around here right now are Evergreens. There's no snow yet, but there's not a lot of green growing stuff around either. It's kind of a depressing grey color. I love the fact that our town decorates for so many holidays. These beautiful swags of fir grace the fencing around the top of our town dam, and it just makes the whole place look terrific.

Dec. 12 - A beautiful sight
All around me are beautiful sights, ranging from our children on their best behavior, to our decorated tree, to the neighbors homes all around us. Nothing seems quite as beautiful as these swags, though, and this one was touched with a heavy frost which just begged to be photographed!

Dec. 13 - Family
In lieu of a family photograph (something we don't have time for today due to swimming and getting ready for the holidays), I've taken a photograph of our Wall of Fame. There are pictures of the older kids when they were little, of hubby's brother and his kids, of hubby himself (top center, the one in the bib), our twins, and sis. I love this wall.

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